Website Blacklist Removal

Website Blacklist Removal Service remove your website from Blacklists

Having your website blacklisted can have a devastating effect on your business. People may not be able to access your site, search results may list your site as dangerous, and you may lose customers and business. The solution is to use a website blacklist removal service such as Malware Removal as swiftly as possible.

Why You Need Website Blacklist Removal

A website can be blacklisted for many reasons. The most important thing to do though, is get it removed from the blacklist in the shortest time possible. Your site will have been flagged for a reason, and it will not just fix itself! The longer a website is left on a blacklist, the more negative authority it will build up. This may result in your website becoming harder to rank again in the future.

Free or Paid Blacklist Removal

It might be tempting to spend time searching for a free website blacklist removal tool or service. For people who want an instant solution that saves themselves valuable hours of online research and lost revenue though, Malware Removal is the answer. As one of the first and most trusted security scanners, they offer a service which can quickly have your site not only removed from blacklists, but also protected against future attempts of malware and virus attacks.

Why Are Websites Blacklisted?

Websites can be blacklisted for a number of reasons. Most commonly, it is because malware, malicious code, or unauthorized redirects are detected. These may be picked up by people’s web browsers, email clients, or by the search engines such as Google. When these severe problems are detected, the search engines and browsers move to protect their users by blocking off access. This prevents any viruses or problems being spread further throughout the internet.

Blacklisting Problems With Websites

When a website has been blacklisted, it is possible to find out more information concerning what the problem might be. For example, when using a search engine, it may provide a link which lists the ‘malicious’ details found on the site. This is helpful for you, as you may now know what is causing the problems. The slight drawback is that other web users can also see that your website has been compromised. This is why it is important to use a website blacklist removal tool such as Malware Removal immediately.

Take Instant Action

To begin with, only one web authority may have flagged a website as being compromised and blacklisted it. As time goes by though, more and more search engines and web authorities will also add the site to their own blacklists. By taking immediate action, it is possible to prevent this from happening. More importantly, you will only have the one party to deal with, rather than several. Again, Malware Removal can be of enormous help here, as it is a tried and tested solution for website blacklist removal.

Common Blacklisting Situations

  • There can be many reasons why a website becomes blacklisted, but here are the most common:
  • A website is redirecting, typically to a porn or loan site.
  • Google or another search engine shows a website as being compromised.
  • A website host shuts down a website and issues a warning saying that it has been compromised.
  • Browser and computer anti-virus software begins blocking your site.
  • A website has been hacked and malicious links placed within it.
  • A plugin the website uses has not been updated correctly and is a security risk

If any of the above situations applies to you, immediate action is required by using the website blacklist removal service.